The earlier announced new 7″ is finally out as the first release of the new label Senkrecht Records. It contains two alternative versions of songs released before. Something in the Final Hour (original version appeared on Comprende CD, Gradual Hate/Twilight Records, 2016) got a dark synth pop rework (with the subtitle Living in the 80s version – but with the motto: no neon). On the other side of the 7″ the Pulse 4 Station version of the song Silver Light can be found. The originally post punk driven dark folk song (appeared on the Decline of Privileges EP, Lichterklang Records, 2015) got a minimal wave vibe in this new version with the addition of analog synths and drum machine.

These songs are dedicated to New Wave Szerűség for the inspiration.

It’s available in our shop, on our Bandcamp page, and also on the Bandcamp page of the label.