I’ve always had an admiration for cassettes. Cawatana was born in an age when cassettes were forgotten, we had no possibility to have a cassette release (our previous band had released many cassettes). I already wanted to release a cassette some years ago, a split release with a Hungarian band, but at the end, due to different reasons (from my side and also from the other side) it was discarded. But now, with the two 7″ vinyls, came the idea again to release a cassette as well. But these three songs, about 10 minutes were not really sufficient for a complete cassette. So I was thinking about what else I could provide. 6 years ago, for the 15th anniversary of the band I released a digital only EP, called Again, that contained some reworked, re-recorded older songs, in 15 minutes. I’ve never liked digital only releases, I’ve always preferred physical formats, so it seemed to be a good idea to pair these songs with the new ones (that were created for the 20th anniversary of the band, and also reworked, re-recorded older songs, in a different way). But this way there was 5 minutes space left on side A. There are some songs we recorded for different compilations but they were never released. I was hesitating which one to choose, but finally I’ve decided upon New Dawn Fades, an acoustic cover we recorded in 2004 with many guest musicians (I think that’s the song where we have the most contributors), perhaps this song fits the best to the other ones. This song was officially never released before, it was published just for one day on Myspace and last.fm in 2007, so it’s available for the first time in physical format, 16 years after it was recorded. And actually the songs from the 7″s are in different forms than on the vinyl release, different mastering (in case of In Deep Timelessness it’s also different mixing), so at the end we can say that all songs will be released for the first time in physical format in this form.

This beautiful cassette is limited to 100 copies, available on Bandcamp both from the label and from the band, and also in our shop, of course.