It was announced almost exactly one year ago (to the 20th anniversary of the band) but due to different reasons it’s released only now. This 7″ contains a brand new song, written specifically for this release. This song is in the direction we’ve started with the two mini albums Advocation For Privileges and Decline Of Privileges: dark folk mixed with new wave/post punk, acoustic guitars with drum machine and synthesizers (but now analog synth instead of software).

This is the first new song in 5 years and very probably will be the last (brand new) one. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be new releases, I have a huge backlog, many unfinished songs from the last 15 years, probably I will finish some of them, reworking in today’s “situation”. So you can expect more releases in the (near) future.

This song is dedicated to the power of fusion. After listening to the songs I think some of you will know why.

Note: two different versions are existing for this song. The original 7″ version is available on the label’s bandcamp page. There is an additional version (different mixing and mastering) for digital purposes, it’s available on the band’s bandcamp page, and also on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud etc.