– Struggle for Wisdom CD (2003, Eis&Licht, Germany)

Mini albums:

– Advocation for Privileges CD (2010, Eis&Licht, Germany)
– Decline of Privileges CD (2015, Lichterklang, Germany)

Miscellaneous albums:

– Comprende CD (2016, Twilight/GH Records, Argentina/Spain)
– Deep In The Silver Light Again cassette (2020, Senkrecht Records, Hungary)
– Victory Of Regret CD/cassette (2021, Senkrecht Records, Hungary)


– In the Silver Light 7″ (2020, Senkrecht Records, Hungary)

Split releases:

– Hermon – Waning and Exaltations 2×3″ split CD-Box w/ Dark Water Memories, Our God Weeps, Lautrec (2003, Mozgalom, Hungary)
– 63 Days Part III split 7″ w/ Der Feuerkreiner (2005, Fluttering Dragon, Poland)
– Through Silver Shadows EP, split CD w/ Storm of Capricorn (2006, Twilight, Argentina)
– In Deep Timelessness split 7″ w/ Larrnakh (2020, Senkrecht Records, Hungary)


– V/A Eisiges Licht CD (2003, Eislicht, Germany) – song: Something
– V/A The Bells Shall Sound Forever – Tribute to Current 93 CD (2003, Sweet Farewell, Canada) – song: A song for Douglas after he’s dead
– V/A Wir rufen Deine Wölfe CD/2LP (2003, Aorta/Ahnstern, Austria) – song: Wir rufen deine Wölfe
– V/A Penumbra over Beauty CD (2004, Chaos.Pro, China) – song: Gloria mundi
– V/A Mia Runa 2CD (2005, Steinklang/Ahnstern, Austria) – song: Álmot ígér a hajnal
– V/A Gloria Victis Vae Victis CD (2005, War Office Propaganda, Poland) – song: Tears of Centuries
– V/A Khatyn: Tacet, Sed Loquitur CD (2006, Stigmata, Belarus) – song: May
– V/A “…where tattered clouds are stranding” 2CD (2008, Eastern Front, Israel) – song: Have no option (This is a dream)
– V/A Mit Fester Hand – Allerseelenlieder CD (2011, Ahnstern, Austria) – song: Alle Lust will Ewigkeit
– V/A Hera CD (2013, Choeur Noir, Belgium) – song: Without Purity
– V/A SenkWaves – A Senkrecht Compilation cassette (2022, Senkrecht Records, Hungary) – song: Splintered


– Bleiburg – Pieces of a Broken Dream 2CD (2006, Cold Spring, UK) – song: Batschka

More details about the releases see on discogs.

Listen to most of the songs on bandcamp.

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