It was exactly 3 years ago, when I announced some changes in Cawatana and published a demo version of a song to demonstrate these changes. The main message of the announcement was, that I sold my guitars and bought analog synths, drum machines, sequencer instead, and we would play 80s synth pop music instead of neofolk. The date of the announcement was not accidental, it was 1st of April, and my purpose was, that everybody would think it was joke. But the real joke was, that it was not a joke. Actually I didn’t sell all my guitars (I sold my acoustic guitar, my 12-string acoustic guitar and my bass guitar, but one acoustic guitar left) and I didn’t buy many analog synths that time (I’ve started to buy all my stuff after that) but the direction was clear in my mind.

The song that I published was the “Living in the 80s” version of Something in the Final Hour. The original version of this song was created in 2015, just for fun, and I didn’t want to publish it officially (as stated here, with other details). But I liked this song, and when I was compiling the songs for our latest album Comprende I thought it would be a good idea to include this song as an exclusive recording for this album (it was re-recorded in the studio, with additional drums and female vocals). 3 years ago I had a decision, that I would create a synth pop version of this song, just for fun again. My first idea was, that I would ask my old friend Kátai Tamás to make a remix with his project Neolunar because I liked his debut album very much that time (and still, of course). But I didn’t want to disturb him with such requests, I thought he was busy man, so I decided to do it by myself. I’ve never made a synth pop song before, but everything has to start somewhere. So I created this song, published on 1st of April in 2017, together with the mentioned announcement, just for one day. (Later, at the end of 2018 I published it again, now permanently, but I didn’t promote it, so almost nobody had found it till now, but never mind.)

And when I announced the split 7″ with Larrnakh last year, on the 23rd of October (on the 20th anniversary of the band) I mentioned at the end of the post, that I had a sudden decision that morning: release an additional 7″. One of the songs for this 7″ will be this Living in the 80s version of Something in the Final Hour, not a demo version anymore, but mixed again and mastered properly, with some additonal synth parts and other solutions.

The other song will be the Pulse 4 Station version of Silver Light. The original version was released on the Decline of Privileges EP (Lichterklang, 2015). The originally post punk driven dark folk song got a minimal wave vibe in this new version, with the addition of analog synths (Waldorf Pulse 2, DSI Tetr4, Novation Bass Station II) and a(n emulated) Linn LM-1 drum machine. As a teaser you can already listen to this song on the Generation Young & Cold 3 compilation of the German Young & Cold Records.

The 7″ is already in production in the pressing plant, I cannot tell you an exact release date (it’s never easy in the vinyl industy, especially these day), but I’ve already received the test pressing and I can assure you, it will be a great release, it’s worth to wait 🙂