A new release soon

Today is the 20th anniversary of our first concert and I think it’s a good occasion to announce our next release. I count the birth of Cawatana from the first concert. Actually it was planned as a one time occasion. In 1999 we got an invitation to a local festival for our band that was our “main band” that time, but we didn’t want to play with this band on this festival, but we didn’t want to decline the invitation either, so we decided to create a new programme for this festival, under a new name (which is coming from the name of that band anyway). We put together the set in 3 weeks, we wrote our very first songs for this concert (most of those songs we play till today). We liked it, so we decided to continue it, and in a short time it became our main band for a long time.
And now, after 20 years Cawatana is still here, not as active as at the beginning, but it’s normal, we are 20 years older. Not because to celebrate this anniversary (but it can be combined with it nicely) we will release a split 7″ with Larrnakh (our “sister band”, so to say, led by the person with whom we started Cawatana together 20 years ago).

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Comprende is out now + discount on older items

Our new CD Comprende is out now, we’ve received our copies now and it looks really good (especially the booklet), thanks to Gabriel of Twilight Records for the production (and also to Avencio of GH Records, of course, and certainly to Levente, Kornel and Monika for the artwork as well). A few copies are available also from us, see our shop for the details.

At the same time we’ve reduced the price of some other/older items, for example CDs, T-shirts, polo shirts and other merchandising. Limited availability, while stocks last.

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A new CD is coming soon

It was 11 years ago when I promised this CD to Gabriel of Twilight Records. After the release of the first album Struggle for Wisdom in 2003, we appeared on many compilations. That time was the golden age of compilations in neofolk, many labels released them around different themes. We received many requests for participation, and although we didn’t accept all of them, the number of songs we wrote for these compilations and split releases was higher and higher, we were very prolific, and certainly all songs were exclusive, written specifically for these releases. We had a good and efficient team for the songwriting and the recording, besides the founding members Gergö and myself we were assisted by Benkö Misi, who wrote most of the keyboard parts (as well as in case of the first album), he had many good ideas, helped us a lot, and also the guys (Toth Agnes and Szabo Mihaly) in Elysion Studio (where we recorded most of these songs) participated actively in these songs, not only in the recording, but sometimes also in the instrumentation (writing keyboard parts, for example).

In those days I got a request from Gabriel, that he liked our music very much and would like to release something from us on his label Twilight Records, for example a collection of compilation tracks. And I answered that it was my intention, too, to collect the tracks from compilations and split releases, but I wanted to do it only after the release of the second album:

“…we plan our next full-length release around 2006-2007. And after that we would like to compile our songs from compilations, vinyls etc., and we’d like to re-record all of them.”

Well, our second full-length album is still not released, and I think it won’t be released in the foreseeable future. But now, after 11 years I’ve finally decided to collect these songs from compilations, vinyls, split releases into one album. As it was planned before, all of them will be re-recorded, some of them will be slightly reworked. All songs will be included in this record, that were completely written by us, both the music and the lyrics (meaning no cover versions, no poem adaptions), accompanied by a new (previously unreleased) version of an old song. 10 songs from the first 15 years of the band, in the “classic Cawatana style”: acoustic guitar-based neofolk with martial industrial, neoclassical influences, with the classic lineup, including both founding members (Gergö and me). For all of those who miss the old sound of Cawatana.

The CD will be released by Twilight Records (Argentina) and GH Records (Spain) as a 4-panel digipak with 12-page booklet, containing all the lyrics and information about the songs.

Planned release date: second half of 2016

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In Munich with Twa Corbies and Sieben

We will play a special (short) semi-acoustic duo set in Munich (München), Germany, as a guest of the concert of Twa Corbies and Sieben on the 19th of November, 2015. Our lineup will consist of acoustic guitar, vocals, accordion, melodica, and also some background tracks from my “little machine”. We will play some songs from our album Struggle for Wisdom, as these songs fit to this lineup the most. Continue reading

After Runes+Men 2015

Thanks to everyone for the fantastic weekend in Leipzig at the Runes+Men festival. First of all to Sven and Toralf, of course, for organizing this wonderful event. And certainly also to the audience and the bands, for the great atmosphere and the excellent concerts. We enjoyed our whole stay, it was a pleasure to meet all of you. See you next year!
P.S. If you made some photos and/or videos of our concert, please, let us know, send them to us. Thank you!


Runes+Men Festival this weekend

A little bit ill and with injuries, but we are ready and prepared for the concert at Runes+Men Festival this Saturday (10th of October, 2015). With a powerful new lineup, with a powerful set, including songs from all of our bigger releases: Struggle for Wisdom debut album (in a mixture of original and “Again” versions), Advocation for Privileges mini album, and the new EP/mini album Decline of Privileges (will be released for this concert). And you can also find some new merchandising items at our stall, created exclusively for this festival, at “Runes+Men special price”, in limited quantity. (The rest will be sold online after the festival, here on this site, stay tuned.)