cawatana_dopAfter 5 years I’ve decided to finish and publish the second part of our mini album Advocation for Privileges (released by Eis&Licht in 2010), not independently from our forthcoming concert at Runes+Men Festival. The CD will contain 6 new songs. I’ve started to write these songs right after the release of Advocation for Priviliges, but due to some reasons I’ve been able to complete them just now. Musically it’s similar to the first part, acoustic guitar based dark folk, with a little wave-pop influence, melodic and rhythmic, consists of acoutic guitars, bass, simple keyboard tunes and drum(machine) – with a little reminiscence of the good old days of neofolk in the 80s, partially influenced by other good things from the 80s, such as dark/new wave or post punk, but interpreted with “today’s sounds” (whatever that can mean).

As a teaser you can watch this video of the song Victory Over Glory.

More details about the release you can find soon on and here.

(PS. There will be no third part for sure. But I have some quite different songs, that I’m planning to finish and release soon. Hopefully it won’t take five years again.)