After Runes+Men 2015

Thanks to everyone for the fantastic weekend in Leipzig at the Runes+Men festival. First of all to Sven and Toralf, of course, for organizing this wonderful event. And certainly also to the audience and the bands, for the great atmosphere and the excellent concerts. We enjoyed our whole stay, it was a pleasure to meet all of you. See you next year!
P.S. If you made some photos and/or videos of our concert, please, let us know, send them to us. Thank you!


Runes+Men Festival this weekend

A little bit ill and with injuries, but we are ready and prepared for the concert at Runes+Men Festival this Saturday (10th of October, 2015). With a powerful new lineup, with a powerful set, including songs from all of our bigger releases: Struggle for Wisdom debut album (in a mixture of original and “Again” versions), Advocation for Privileges mini album, and the new EP/mini album Decline of Privileges (will be released for this concert). And you can also find some new merchandising items at our stall, created exclusively for this festival, at “Runes+Men special price”, in limited quantity. (The rest will be sold online after the festival, here on this site, stay tuned.)

Limited special edition for members of Lichterklang Freundeskreis

The label Lichterklang has a special membership program, called Lichterklang Freundeskreis. With this membership you can get discount on all Lichterklang releases, a T-shirt, a member card, presale possibilities for limited editions and exclusive editions for members only. The next exclusive edition will be the box set version of the new Cawatana CD Decline of Privileges, including the CD, a T-shirt (first Cawatana T-shirt ever, exclusively for this box set edition), a patch, an insert and a signed postcard. All boxes are handnumbered and personalized, strictly limited to the number of pre-ordered copies. Orders are accepted until 25th September, 2015. More information about the membership and the release you can get on or at

New CD after 5 years – Decline of Privileges

cawatana_dopAfter 5 years I’ve decided to finish and publish the second part of our mini album Advocation for Privileges (released by Eis&Licht in 2010), not independently from our forthcoming concert at Runes+Men Festival. The CD will contain 6 new songs. I’ve started to write these songs right after the release of Advocation for Priviliges, but due to some reasons I’ve been able to complete them just now. Musically it’s similar to the first part, acoustic guitar based dark folk, with a little wave-pop influence, melodic and rhythmic, consists of acoutic guitars, bass, simple keyboard tunes and drum(machine) – with a little reminiscence of the good old days of neofolk in the 80s, partially influenced by other good things from the 80s, such as dark/new wave or post punk, but interpreted with “today’s sounds” (whatever that can mean).
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A “new” song, just for fun

A “new” song is available online, called Something In The Final Hour.

As the title suggests, it’s a mixture (a “mash-up”, so to say) of two older songs: Something, from the album Struggle for Wisdom, released in 2003, and In The Final Hour, from the mini album Advocation for Privileges, released in 2010 (both by the now-defunct German label Eis&Licht). The music and the refrain are taken from Something, the lyrics are from In The Final Hour (except the refrain), the song is recorded in February 2015. There is no particular reason for this recording, I don’t intend to release it officially, but you can expect to hear this version on some of the forthcoming concerts.

In Budapest with Death in June

After almost exactly 8 and half years (and two special acoustic sets), Cawatana will play in Budapest, with the “normal” programme again. 15 years ago the band turned towards acoustic guitar based neofolk/dark folk under the musical influence of Death in June (among others), so it’s a pleasure to share the stage with them now. The short, but powerful set will be based on the EP ‘Again’, released for the 15th anniversary of the band, expanded with some older and newer songs.


Focus Abyssi IV

Cawatana has played more than 6 years ago in Hungary with its full line-up, besides that 5 years ago we played a short acoustic set of Cawatana songs as a duo under the moniker CWTN. This time, at the Hungarian debut of the new line-up also not the usual programme of the band can be heard, but a special acoustic set (according to the best neofolk traditions), that will be richer and more complete in the aspect of both the length of the concert, the amount of the played songs and the instrumentation, the number of the used instruments.

Focus Abyssi IV

Thursday, September 5, 2013
Doors open: 20.00, Concerts: 20.30
Kék Yuk, Budapest, Hungary
III., Fényes Adolf u. 28.

CAWATANA (HU) – acoustic set

Ticket price: 3000 HUF (11 EUR), pre-sale: 2500 HUF (9 EUR)

Ticket order:

More info: dp-motiv