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A “new” song, just for fun

A “new” song is available online, called Something In The Final Hour.

As the title suggests, it’s a mixture (a “mash-up”, so to say) of two older songs: Something, from the album Struggle for Wisdom, released in 2003, and In The Final Hour, from the mini album Advocation for Privileges, released in 2010 (both by the now-defunct German label Eis&Licht). The music and the refrain are taken from Something, the lyrics are from In The Final Hour (except the refrain), the song is recorded in February 2015. There is no particular reason for this recording, I don’t intend to release it officially, but you can expect to hear this version on some of the forthcoming concerts.

In Budapest with Death in June

After almost exactly 8 and half years (and two special acoustic sets), Cawatana will play in Budapest, with the “normal” programme again. 15 years ago the band turned towards acoustic guitar based neofolk/dark folk under the musical influence of Death in June (among others), so it’s a pleasure to share the stage with them now. The short, but powerful set will be based on the EP ‘Again’, released for the 15th anniversary of the band, expanded with some older and newer songs.


Focus Abyssi IV

Cawatana has played more than 6 years ago in Hungary with its full line-up, besides that 5 years ago we played a short acoustic set of Cawatana songs as a duo under the moniker CWTN. This time, at the Hungarian debut of the new line-up also not the usual programme of the band can be heard, but a special acoustic set (according to the best neofolk traditions), that will be richer and more complete in the aspect of both the length of the concert, the amount of the played songs and the instrumentation, the number of the used instruments.

Focus Abyssi IV

Thursday, September 5, 2013
Doors open: 20.00, Concerts: 20.30
Kék Yuk, Budapest, Hungary
III., Fényes Adolf u. 28.

CAWATANA (HU) – acoustic set

Ticket price: 3000 HUF (11 EUR), pre-sale: 2500 HUF (9 EUR)

Ticket order:

More info: dp-motiv

First time in Romania, first time with the new line up (2013)

Although we’ve lived next to the Romanian border for more than 30 years, Cawatana have never played in Romania before. So on the 16th of March we will play in Romania for the first time, in Bucharest, in Ageless club. And it will be the first concert after almost 2 years (after the concert in Leipzig, Germany, at the WGT, in 2010). As I’ve anounced that time, that was the last concert with that line up, and now it will be the first concert with the new (interim) line up. You can expect some older and newer songs, from the very beginning till today. There will be brand new (yet unreleased) songs, songs that have never been played live before and some alternative versions of older songs.

The last concert (2011)

The concert at the WGT will be (very probably) the last concert of Cawatana (in this form). What can be expected for the future? I don’t know yet. The range is quite wide from ‘absolutely nothing’ to ‘something completely different’.

Update, to avoid misunderstandings: Cawatana is still ready to play concerts, but (probably) in different form(s) than in the past. To ask about the current situation, write an e-mail to

Advocation for Privileges – limited edition (2011)

As I was quite unsatisfied with the first (digipak) edition of our cd “Advocation for Privileges”, I’ve decided to reprint the digipak on my own.


Limited to 100 copies, good quality, glossy digipak, with the original layout I wanted initially.


It’s available from some distributors. The list of the distributors (will be continously updated):

Lichterklang Mailorder
Equilibrium Music



Terror Verlag
La Defunción
Blaue Narzisse

CAWATANA – Advocation for Privileges (2010)

CAWATANA – Advocation for Privileges mCD
Eis060 Eis&Licht 2010


“Kraftvoller, schöner, eingängiger und klassischer Neofolk aus Ungarn. Nach zwei Jahren Pause eine neue Veröffentlichung aus dem Hause “Eis & Licht”, die auch das Debüt der Gruppe “Struggle for Wisdom” (seit langem ausverkauft) veröffentlicht haben.
Cawatana sind erwachsen geworden, ihre Musik kann als hochprofessionell und mit viel Herz bezeichnet werden. Ein tolles kurzes Album welches nie langweilig wird!”

“After two years of silence, Eis & Licht finally returns with a new release: A brand new mini-album by the gifted Hungarian NeoFolk act Cawatana! Cawatana have grown up and their music has become more powerful, more beautiful and catchy and the result is a highly professional NeoFolk (mini-)album that succeeds to convince at first listen! An outstanding opus of high class NeoFolk!”

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