When we purchased new equipment we always rearranged our songs, created new versions for concerts (obviously). And as we liked these new versions, many times we recorded them in the studio as well. It was the same since the beginning. We started with a cheap Boss drum machine and a Yamaha keyboard, we used them on our first demo in 2000 (along with guitars and bass). Later we got a multitimbral Roland synth module and sequenced it with an Atari 1040 ST, it allowed more complex structures, more keyboard tracks (before that the keyboard was played live, it had a split option, so two tracks could be used at the same time). The result can be heard on our first album Struggle for Wisdom (2003). After that we turned to softwares and laptops, certainly it had even more options, we used this setup for a long time. The recreated versions appeared on Again EP (2014) and Comprende album (2016). And recently we’ve purchased analog synths, drum machines, hardware sequencer, a totally different world, so it’s required a rearrangement again. A part of this new world could already be heard on the 7″ In the Silver Light, and now it’s time for a bigger step. The new album Victory Of Regret contains 8 songs, re-created with the new equipment. It covers 20 years from the history of the band, including the very first song I wrote for Cawatana in 1999 and also the last one from 2019 (even this last one is rearranged, originally it contained one synth only, it was used for all synth parts, now it’s re-created in a “live compatible” way, including all my 5 analog synths, the different parts are played with different synths).

The album is released by Senkrecht Records on CD and cassette. The CD is a 4-panel digipak and limited to 300 copies. The cassette is available in four different colours (transparent/clear, white ice, white, grey graphite), each colour is limited to 25 copies. All of them can be purchased on Bandcamp, both from the label and the band, and also from our webshop.